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Providing Services to the Homeless

Homeless Service Organization in Plumas Lake, CA

We provide homeless education resources, safe temporary housing, and community outreach services.

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PeacePath Inc. is a 501©(3) homeless service organization in Plumas Lake, CA, that provides supportive services for the homeless in Sacramento, CA, to men and women from throughout the area as they work to establish an independent life. We provide 24 months of structured and safe temporary shelter for those who require an accommodation or are in a stage of recovery, are getting out of an abusive situation, or are just homeless due to unexpected circumstances. We help them receive one-on-one independent living skills training for a successful shift to self-sufficiency at minimal to no cost to them.

PeacePath Inc. fosters independent living by ensuring its clients receive hands-on training in self-sufficiency skills, such as obtaining housing, creating and managing finances, career and education planning, and engaging in safe and healthy relationships.

Also, we offer community outreach services to the needy, especially those seeking shelter by distributing everyday living essentials and disseminating community information, resource guides, and pamphlets on behavioral and physical health that aid them in this situation. Our supportive, welcoming, and trustworthy team is passionate about our organization and those we serve; that's why we work hard to ensure the organization's long-term sustainability. PeacePath Inc.'s objective is to continue to be a useful community resource, affording well-maintained homes with an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Donate or Be a Homeless Volunteer

Please help us achieve our mission of seeing the homeless men and women in Sacramento, CA, and beyond thrive by donating or volunteering. We accept clothing, shoes, toiletries, and food as tax-deductible donations. If you're interested in becoming a homeless volunteer, contact us, and we will give you a form to fill out. There are no membership dues, and individuals typically volunteer between one and five hours.

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Homeless Service Organization in Plumas Lake, CA Community Outreach Services in Plumas Lake, CA Supportive Services For The Homeless in Plumas Lake, CA


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