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Hope-Centered Mental Health Services for the Homeless in Sacramento County

Losing a home is a traumatic experience. From drastic life changes to impacts on self-worth, the often-unspoken truth of homelessness is that it can be as mentally and emotionally straining as financially devastating. For those making lives in the midst of such loss, even seeking help can feel hopeless. PeacePath Inc. believes in a road to recovery. It starts with providing mental health services for the homeless in Sacramento County.

In the same way that food and shelter nourish the body, our programs help nourish the mind and empower the spirit. By working alongside dedicated professionals and centering our mission on creating hope in hard times, we give those most in need a way forward. Our team emphasizes the worth of each person we serve, teaching skills that create control where it’s needed most.

Teaching Practical Skills

One-time help is essential in the moment, but it often only gets people through one more day. To truly thrive and return to stable living situations, it takes resources and knowledge that last longer. With our life recovery skills program, participants learn about smart planning, management, and self-improvement strategies that can keep them moving toward their goals. Get more information about our services by reaching out to us today.